ISKCON Ministry of Education


Viplavah 2019 – Winter Issue (Vol. 4)

Featured articles include: School Standards // Gita Values // Children Preaching and Sankirtana // Education and Sankirtan in Bahrain // Pushing forward with Sankirtan at Goswami Academy //  

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Viplavah 2019 - Summer Issue (Vol. 3)

Featured articles include: NIOS meets NANTES // Bhagavatam for Teens // The Deep Gaze // Project Reports on Bhaktivedanata Colleges in Belgium, Italy and USA // Book Anouncements and more //  

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Viplavah 2019 - Summer Issue (Vol. 2)

Featured articles include: // The W.R.I.T.E Service: Five Reasons to Write in Devotional Service by HG Caitanya Carana Das // Quotes on Srila Prabhupada's Instructions on BTG by HG Gopika Radhika Devi Dasi. // Kollege and Krishna by Sugopi-radha Devi Dasi // Lil' Krishna Kidz Annual Festival 

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Viplavah 2019 - Spring Issue (Vol. 1)

Featured articles include: Highlights of the first MOE International Education Symposium // Launch of MOE's online platform // Brief outline of the MOE Philosophies of Education book project // Highlights from the ISKCON Sastric Degrees Symposium and Bhaktivedanta Medical Associations 5th Annual Conference.          

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Viplavah Nov 2018 (Issue 2, Volume 4)

  • ISKCON Education in North America: Navadvip School Project & NIOS
  • Sampling of Education Abroad: Alice in Educationland
  • How others Teach - Waldorf & Hare Krishna

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Viplavah Aug 2018 (Issue 2, Volume 3)

In the words of our guest editor, H G Radhika Ramana Prabhu: This issue of Viplavah focuses on higher education, including articles by accomplished scholars and devotees who have dedicated much of their careers to developing tertiary education. This issue includes thoughtful articles on philosophical topics such as music education, Sankhya and science, and philosophy of education.

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Viplavah June 2018 (Issue 2, Volume 2)

Featured articles include: Development of education in ISKCON Russia, Jayam: Spanish Education Journal, Sastric education in Latin America, Varnasrama Education and the GBC College.

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Viplavah March 2018 (Issue 2, Volume 1)

Featured articles include Rasamadala Prabhu discussing the need for a philosophy of education within ISKCON, a report on MOE's participation in ILS 2018,  the ministry's new operating structure, education within the community of New-Vraja Mandala, Spain, and much more.

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Viplavah Dec 2017 (Issue 1, Volume 2)

The theme of this issue being book distribution, it features related articles such as Srila Prabhupada's quotes on education and book distribution, and focus on education and book distribution in ISKCON Silicon Valley and ISKCON Pune. Also featured is an article by Urmila Devi Dasi on the philosophy of education and an update on MOE meeting at Ujjain in Karthik.

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Viplavah Aug 2017 (Issue 1, Volume 1)

The first issue of Viplavah features articles highlighting MOE's activities, specifically the Seattle Conference.

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