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One of the main objectives of ISKCON’s Ministry of Education is to connect devotees involved in education and allow them to cooperate with each other to work on educational initiatives. In case you are an educator or an education administrator, please fill in your details, so that we can make your profile accessible to devotees seeking to collaborate on projects related to education

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In case you are seeking to connect with educators, please select from the following options to access profiles of educators in our database. If you wish to contact any of them, you can write to us and we will forward your request.

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Nadiabihari Das Bhaktivaibhav, Bachelor of Technology

Baladeva das Bhakti sastri, ADR Mediator

Vikrama Govinda das GBC College (zonal supervisor), ISKCON Leads, etc, B.E. (Instrumentation and control) 1991

Gandhari dd Bhakti Sastri, College

Sanatani-Devi Dasi TTC1 Bhakti Shastri Teacher training IDC teacher, Bachelor of Education

Priyadharshini Selvam Bhakthi vriksha, Architect. B. Arch